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  • Tasha Graham, CCO

COVID-19 & Passionoat

Starting a new business is never a simple task.

Throw in a global pandemic with most of the population staying indoors and it becomes something much more daunting. Zach and I have been self-isolating, only going out for the bare Vegan essentials for groceries (potatoes are a life-saver) and coming back to work on the biz.

We're happy with what we've got now, "Make Good Oat Milk" with our labels on compostable packets, the mix ready to be added to water and made into delicious milk. We are working on getting more customer feedback to see what people honestly think before we launch in stores, but we feel really, really good about our product.

It's a scary place out there right now, no one is certain when normalcy will return, but staying positive is how we'll get through this.

We've been making "Make Good Oat Milk", and I've been doing a lot more baking since being laid off from my day job. We're using it in pancakes, cookies, cakes, muffins, you name it!

We're so excited for what the future brings, and I hope you're all excited to try our product. <3 Positivity & well wishes to you all.

Stay safe, stay healthy! <3


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